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Dr. Yiwen Chiu
Associate Professor

1 Grand Ave., Cal Poly
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About QuantSus

research areasQuantSus is a multidisciplinary research group striving to promote sustainability research and education by incorporating quantitative modeling approaches. Our research group consists of scholars and students from several U.S. and international institutes in addition to Cal Poly. We share a common interest in improving the communication and interpretation of sustainability performance and achievement by developing a cohesive working force and empowering the next generation to engage in studying and learning quantitative sustainability.

Our Mission

To develop, promote, and advance sustainability practices and education by incorporating analytical and quantitative approaches and tools to aid communication and support decision-making processes. 

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About QuantSus Group Leader

Dr. Yiwen Chiu

is an Associate Professor in environmental analysis at the Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences. She holds a PhD degree in water resources science from the University of Minnesota; and specializes in water-energy nexus, life-cycle analysis, and GIS, in addition to environmental simulation. She was a postdoctoral researcher at Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, IL, prior to joining Cal Poly. Her current research focuses on assessing temporal and spatial flux of environmental impact footprint associated with anthropogenic activities. 

More about Dr. Chiu (download CV)...

Experts Partners

QuantSus has been experiencing an exciting and vibrant momentum to expand our research capacity, thanks to our diverse partners in supporting the mission and goal of QuantSus. Our partners are multidisciplinary scholars who advocate sustainability sciences and education, and have been working with us through various research and instructional activities. They serve as a critical role to help QuantSus connect with potential collaborators and continually foster student engagement in sustainability practices and learning activities.

Soil & Water Sustainability


Dr. Bwalya Malama

Assistant Professor, NRES, Cal poly

Dr. Malama specializes in soil biophysics, groundwater hydrogeology, hydrogeophysics, and contaminant transport. 

More about Dr. Malama ›


Dr. Cristina Lazcano

Assistant Professor, NRES, Cal poly

Dr. Lazcano's research focuses on soil ecology with a broader interest in evaluating environmental impacts of agricultural management strategies and LCA approach. 

More about Dr. Lazcano ›

Environmental Policies & Social Studies


Dr. Priya Verma

assistant professor, NRES, Cal poly

Dr. Verma's research focuses on estuary management and environmental policy analysis from the human dimension. She also had extended experience engaging in community-based sustainability practices.

More about Dr. Verma ›


Dr. Dawn Neill

associate professor, SSD, Cal poly

Dr. Neill's research focuses on analyzing the nexus of health and ecology, and the interaction between social and environmental factors in the realm of food sustainability.

More about Dr. Neill ›

Educational Measurement & Assessment  


Dr. Chia-Yi Chiu

Associate professor, Educational Statistics, rutgers

Dr. Chiu is a NSF CAREER award recipient specializing in quantitative methods in educational testing and measurement. Her research focuses on developing new statistic assessment methods for analyzing data to aid educational and psychological research

More about Dr. Chiu ›


Dr. Ying-Chih Chen

assistant professor, Arizona State University

Dr. Chen specializes in scientific writing, argumentation and STEM education. He is an award-winning faculty dedicated to promote teaching competence in sustainability.

More about Dr. Chen ›


Dr. Jason Peters

Assistant Professor, ENGL, Cal Poly

Dr. Peters’s research focuses on environmental rhetoric and the politics of language in the United States. He studies  how multilingual communities respond to assessments of and manage their vulnerabilities to environmental risk.

More about Dr. Peters ›

International Collaborators 


Dr. Chia-Yu Yeh

Associate Professor, National Chi-Nan University

Dr. Yeh holds a doctoral degree from Ohio State University and specializes in environmental economics. Her latest research focuses on the impact of land use change and recreational activities on environmental quality.

More about Dr. Yeh ›


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jen-Yang Lin

Professor, National Taipei University of technology

Dr. Lin is Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of Water Environment Research Center (WERC) at National Taipei University of Technology. He received his B. S. degree in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University, and MS degree in Environmental Engineering from National Taiwan University and Dr.-Ing. degree in Civil Engineering at Kassel University in (west) Germany. He is now also adjunct Professor at graduate institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University. His current research interests are ecological engineering, watershed management (nonpoint source control), groundwater, river restoration, environmental planning and management and public participation.

More about Dr. Lin›


Prof. Chi-Feng Chen

Associate Professor, Chinese Culture University

Dr. Chi-Feng Chen is an associate professor in Department of Natural Resources, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Chen got her PhD degree in Environmental Engineering and her interested research topics are focus on watershed management, nonpoint source pollution control, low impact development, and environmental impact assessment. Water quality modeling is the major study tool, complying with onsite monitoring tasks, to provide options for decision-making.

More about Dr. Chen›

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